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British Glasshouse

Meet The Chilli Growers

Chillies are perfect for giving any meal a little extra kick. But did you know that some of the world’s finest chillies are grown on these very shores?

Since the early ‘90’s chillies have been grown in the UK, but unlike many chillies which are grown outdoors in warmer, sunnier countries, British Chillies are grown in glass houses. As the largest supporter of British grown produce, we’re working closely with British growers to double the quantity of British grown produce by 2020.

Where are our chillies grown?

We’re extremely proud of our chilli growers, based in and around the British Isles, from Jersey to Merseyside, and the extra lengths they go to ensure we get brilliant chillies. Click the locations on the map to meet them…

Salvatore at Genovese Farms

The Genovese family have been farming in Blunham, Bedfordshire, for generations. Providing us with red and green serenade chillies, Genovese Farms produce 10 million chillies a year, making them the UK’s largest provider. Salvatore’s favourite ways to use chillies are in a classic salsa or chilli chocolate brownies!, details of both can be found on his website.

Joe, Mike, Avril and Ed at Watts Farms

This family-run farm retains expertise that has passed down through the generations. Watts Farm in Kent is constantly looking for ways to innovate, whether that’s growing the chillies in bags of coconut husk or being harvested and packed within 24 hours to ensure the best freshness and quality possible.





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Charlie at Woodside Farms

Charlie at Woodside Farms

On the beautiful island of Jersey, Charlie Gallichan and his family have 127 years of farming heritage to call upon. Both green and red serenades are grown for us and they operate a strict environmentally friendly farm to ensure that the chillies you enjoy are just as nature intended them: delicious!

Tasty chilli recipes

If all this hot talk of chillies has got you burning to try out some tasty dishes, make sure you check out all our chilli related recipes.