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Peter and Carol, Stapleton Farm

Meet Our Ice Cream Makers

From a cone on the beach, to a tub in front of the telly; ice cream is one of life’s simple pleasures. Our Taste the Difference range is made from 100% British milk and comes from a family dairy in the heart of Devon.


Ice creamier


The dairy at Stapleton Farm was founded in 1975 by husband and wife team Peter and Carol and they began supplying yoghurt to us in 1998. In early 2000, we approached them to devise some delicious ice creams for our Taste the Difference range. Fourteen years later, Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference ice cream is still the only ice cream they make.

All the recipes are devised by Carol in her kitchen. Real Madagascan vanilla is used, and homemade sauces like the toffee, which is made with dark cane sugar and double cream. from hand-peeling the zest of hundreds of lemons; to making her very own salted caramel sauce from Muscovado sugar and golden syrup; Carol and Peter's process is a labour of love! There's a reason why the Taste the Differnce range has won six Quality Food awards since its launch in 2000. 

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