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Sainsbury’s Frozen and Freezable Goods

Love Your Freezer

Throughout its 145-year history, Sainsbury's has been involved in various initiatives to help its customers reduce waste and help them live well for less. This stems back to 1944 when Sainsbury's halved its labels on cans to save paper and help the war effort. Sainsbury's also introduced a customer initiative to recycle plastic bags across its stores and was one of the first supermarkets to use geo-exchange technology to provide energy efficient heating and hot water to stores.

More recently, Sainsbury's has launched its 20x20 Sustainability Plan and its Love Your Leftovers campaign – helping customers to minimise food waste and save money by getting the absolute most of their shopping.

And so we come to Sainsbury’s latest initiative – Love Your Freezer. This campaign shows families how they can live well for less by using their freezer to help them make delicious mid-week meals that all the family can enjoy. But this isn't the first time in the store's history that Sainsbury’s has encouraged customers to love their frozen goods.

In 1974, only 11% of Britain's households owned a freezer. By 1982, this figure had risen to 49 per cent. To help people get the most out of their freezers, Sainsbury's created dedicated “Freezer Centres” that sold over 3000 different products, ranging from standard frozen vegetables to speciality dishes such as Chicken a la Crème and Escalope of veal Cordon Bleu. These became very popular with customers who now had convenient ways to store such items and so these Freezer Centres were later integrated into the main Sainsbury’s stores.

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"New Year Cheer" article, Sainsbury's Freezer News, January 1982

"New Year Cheer" article, Sainsbury's Freezer News

To coincide with the rising popularity of frozen food, Sainsbury's introduced it's 'Freezer magazine' – a free publication that could be collected at the various Freezer centres around the UK. Through this magazine, customers could not only learn for how long they should freeze items and thawing guidelines, but also discover in detail from where their food was being imported. There were even various children's competitions inside to create a magazine truly fit for all the family.

  • "Home Freezing", Mary Norwak (Sainsbury's Food Guides), 1983

  • "Sainsbury's Freezer Magazine", Mar 1980

  • "Sainsbury's February Selection" frozen food price list, 1980

  • Sainsbury Freezer Centre Price List, c.1970

Into the 21st Century and Sainsbury's is still pioneering the way when it comes to frozen goods. In 2012 Sainsbury's became the first retailer to change labelling guidance to encourage consumers to freeze products up to ‘use-by’ dates, resulting in less food being wasted and customers' getting more for their money.

Now, Sainsbury's has unveiled its 'Love Your Freezer' campaign which inspires customers to make more mid-week meals using ingredients from their freezers. This initiative was created to help customers continue to live well for less – that means less food going to waste, saving time and money and discovering an exciting array of recipes that can be made using frozen ingredients.

To see a full list of recipes, click here.

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Mexican Sausage and Bean Chilli with Rice

Mexican sausage and bean chilli with rice