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Food Goes Further

Waste Not, Want Not

Story | Food Goes Further

Temporary shop, Stamford Hill

From day one, Sainsbury’s have always sought to help families make the absolute most of their purchases.

Mind the Waste Gap

Story | Food Goes Further


During the Second World War, Sainsbury’s supported families as they tried to keep themselves well fed, despite a lack of supplies.

Getting Your Fair Share

Story | Food Goes Further

Fresh eggs being allocated to a customer in store

As austerity gripped Britain during and after World War II, drastic action was required to ensure that goods in short supply were distributed evenly amongst the public.

Making A Meal Of It

Story | Food Goes Further

Emergency Shop, c.1940. A converted van used to serve customers when bomb damage made usual trade impossible.

Times were hard when Britain was at war. Rationing was rife but Sainsbury’s have always been on hand to provide advice on how best to make food go further.