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Mind the Waste Gap

Story | Food Goes Further


During the Second World War, Sainsbury’s supported families as they tried to keep themselves well fed, despite a lack of supplies.

Christmas is Made for Sharing

Story | Christmas

Christmas is Made for Sharing

The 2015 Christmas advert, ‘Mog’s Christmas Calamity’ shows the spirit of Christmas bringing people together after the mischievous but loveable Mog creates chaos after waking from a bad dream on Christmas eve.

Making More Out Of Your Freezer

Story | Love Your Freezer


Sainsbury's has played a key role in introducing the British public to the delights of frozen foods. Our latest “Love Your Freezer” initiative is helping customers live well for less by providing delicious recipe ideas for dishes made from frozen ingredients.

Frozen Through Time

Story | Love Your Freezer

Photograph of Maidenhead Freezer Centre, [1975-1985]

Join us on a journey through history, revealing how bygone generations were first able to enjoy various frozen delights with a little help from Sainsbury’s.

Love Your Freezer

Story | Love Your Freezer

Sainsbury’s Frozen and Freezable Goods

Throughout its 145-year history, Sainsbury's has been involved in various initiatives to help its customers reduce waste and help them live well for less. Read more here.

Christmas: Past and Present

Story | Christmas

Woking Christmas display, c. 1920

Sainsbury’s stores have always been quite the picture during Christmas time, but just how different were things back then compared to now?

The Pudding of Christmas Past

Story | Christmas

Sainsbury's Traditional Christmas Pudding c.1970

From a thick meaty stew for tough medieval winters to the beginnings of the sweet stodgy treat we know today, the Christmas pudding you know and love has had a more interesting past than you might expect.

Sainsbury's Through World War I

Story | World War I Centenary

Female delivery driver and her assistant with one of the first motorised delivery vans

As the centenary of World War I approaches, it is more important than ever to remember the extraordinary lengths people went to and sacrifices they made in service to their country. Wartime memories and stories are etched into Britain’s history and Sainsbury’s, having been founded 45 years prior, has plenty of their own to tell.

Our Royal British Legion

Story | World War I Centenary

Colleagues outside a Sainsbury's store

Sainsbury’s has remained at the heart of local communities despite two World Wars forcing Britain into huge change and extraordinary adjustment. For this reason, Sainsbury’s has always held a unique and special relationship with those affected by war. Through a 20-year partnership with the Royal British Legion Sainsbury’s has been able to support members and veterans of the British armed forces along with their families and dependants, by making it easy for customers to offer remembrance and thanks to those who fought and gave their lives for Britain.

Meet Our Ice Cream Makers

Story | Sainsbury's Sourcing

Peter and Carol, Stapleton Farm

From a cone on the beach, to a tub in front of the telly; ice cream is one of life’s simple pleasures. Find out where Sainsbury's sources their Taste the Difference range.

Meet The Tea Growers

Story | Sainsbury's Sourcing

Sukanbizi Association Trust

Here in Britain we drink around 165 million cups of tea each day so it's refreshing to know that all our tea is Fairtrade. Test wording

30 Days of Summer

Story | Great British Summer

‘Get set for Summer' booklet, Sainsbury's Summer Collection beauty and toiletries

Sainsbury’s has always felt it important to enjoy the great outdoors whenever possible and the much-anticipated arrival of summer continues to be the perfect excuse.

Sainsbury's History of Summer

Story | Great British Summer

Egg and spoon race at Sainsbury’s Staff Association Sports Day

Sainsbury’s has always sought to provide its customers with exemplary levels of service but is perhaps less well known for its commitment and dedication to its colleagues. In addition to the exciting and countless career development opportunities, Sainsbury’s has always encouraged colleagues to take part in a range of activities outside of work, to help keep active and enjoy the outdoors. And what better excuse is there to engage in some colleague bonding than the emergence of the great British summer?

Meet The Chilli Growers

Story | Sainsbury's Sourcing

Salvatore at Genovese Farms

Chillies are perfect for giving any meal that little extra kick. Did you know that some of the world’s finest chillies are grown on these very shores? We are extremely proud of our chilli growers, based in and around the British Isles, from Jersey to Merseyside, and the extra lengths they go to ensure we get brilliant chillies.

Meet The British Pork Farmers

Story | Sainsbury's Sourcing

British Farming Pigs in Shed

We believe that great-tasting pork begins at the farm. All fresh pork sold in our stores is 100% British and farmed with the highest of welfare standards. We'd like to introduce you to some of the farmers that help make this happen...

Sainsbury’s Colleagues: Serving Britain For 145 Years

Story | Sainsbury's Heritage

Harry Webb delivery colleague, c.1913

In 2014, Sainsbury’s turned 145 years old. From the first year to the present day, our colleagues have always been hugely important to us, but how have the people and their roles changed?

Making A Meal Of It

Story | Food Goes Further

Emergency Shop, c.1940. A converted van used to serve customers when bomb damage made usual trade impossible.

Times were hard when Britain was at war. Rationing was rife but Sainsbury’s have always been on hand to provide advice on how best to make food go further.

Serving The Nation Since 1869

Story | Sainsbury's Heritage


In 2014, Sainsbury’s celebrated its 145th birthday. As you might expect, things have changed considerably since Sainsbury’s was founded in 1869. Sainsbury’s has remained steadfast in its commitment to its values, endeavouring to provide families with high quality food at affordable prices. The following is an overview of the Sainsbury’s story from 1869 through to the modern day.

Waste Not, Want Not

Story | Food Goes Further

Temporary shop, Stamford Hill

From day one, Sainsbury’s have always sought to help families make the absolute most of their purchases.

Getting Your Fair Share

Story | Food Goes Further

Fresh eggs being allocated to a customer in store

As austerity gripped Britain during and after World War II, drastic action was required to ensure that goods in short supply were distributed evenly amongst the public.

Sainsbury's Sourcing

Story | Sainsbury's Sourcing

'Dairy- Fed Pork & Sausages' advert

We’ve supported British farmers for the last 145 years, and in this section you can meet some of the farmers, growers and suppliers we work with today.

Family Values At Easter

Story | Easter

JS Journal, 1951

Whether it’s tucking into your roast lamb or scouring the garden for hidden eggs, the importance of family and togetherness at Easter should not be underestimated.

An Eggstraordinary Journey

Story | Easter

“The Best Easter Eggs” handbill, c.1910

While most of us will recognise it as an edible chocolate treat synonymous with Springtime, the Easter Egg has, quite literally, had a surprisingly colourful past.

Sainsbury’s Face Fresh Challenges: 1900-1914

Story | Sainsbury's Heritage

Colleagues Outside Croydon Store, c.1900

As London’s population boomed, this bought opportunity and competition to Sainsbury’s. Processes evolved and shopping experience improved despite the onset of World War I.

Christmas In a Day - Your Christmas Stories

Story | Christmas

What’s Your Perfect Christmas Moment?

Our Christmas 2013 advert featured a series of heart-warming moments sent in by you, our wonderful customers.

Sainsbury’s Humble Beginnings: 1869-1900

Story | Sainsbury's Heritage

John James and Mary Ann Sainsbury and Family c.1890

In 1869, John James Sainsbury and his wife, Mary Ann set up a small dairy shop on London’s Drury Lane. Not even they could have predicted that this would go on to become a nation- wide retailer, known to families right across the country.

Putting on The Perfect Christmas Party

Story | Christmas

Sainsbury's Christmas Food Selection, c. 1990

By the latter part of the nineteenth century, the Victorians were responsible for completely reinvigorating Christmas customs that had lain dormant for a long time.

Are You Ready for Christmas?

Story | Christmas


December has always been one of the busiest months of the year at Sainsbury’s. Our interactive advent calendar is full of examples of how Christmas at Sainsbury’s has changed over the years.

Wrapping Up Christmas the Sainsbury’s Way

Story | Christmas

Taste the Difference All Butter Mince Pies c. 2010

Packaging has always been important to Sainsbury’s, not just for keeping food fresh but for capturing the imagination of customers young and old.

Talking Turkey at Christmas

Story | Christmas

Sainsbury’s Christmas turkey advert c.1970

Many families across the UK will be tucking into a turkey this Christmas, unaware of the illustrious journey this bird has undertaken to become one of Britain’s most enthusiastically observed Christmas traditions.

The Big Christmas Shop Through The Decades

Story | Christmas

Christmas Turkey Display Outside Walthamstow Store, c.1930

Today, it seems the sun barely has time to set on the Great British Summer before attentions are turned to Christmas. But the bustling aisles of shops are nothing new.

Making The Ideal Christmas Dinner

Story | Christmas

Sainsbury’s Baked Camembert c. 2010,  a relatively modern addition to the Christmas dinner table

At Sainsbury’s, Christmas is about much more than just selling food and drink, it’s about equipping families with every tip and snippet of advice to make sure the turkey and all the trimmings go off with bang.

Cooking Up a British Christmas

Story | Christmas

Sainsbury's smoked salmon and king prawn advert, c.1990

Sainsbury’s has proudly supported British farming for 145 years, aiming to offer the finest British products when they’re in season and when the quality meets and exceeds customer expectations.